Belgian Cycling Esports Championships joins forces with Flanders Classics

18 October 2022

Belgian Cycling and Flanders Classics are joining forces for the second edition of the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships. Together with partners Cycling Vlaanderen and Fédération Cycliste Wallonie Bruxelles (FCWB), they will be searching for the new Belgian cycling esports champions, supported by esports and gaming agency META.  

After a successful first in the winter of 2021-2022, we can all look forward to the second edition of the cycling esports championships. This year, Belgian Cycling is joining forces with Flanders Classics for the roll out of a new season in the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships. Together with Cycling Vlaanderen and FCWB, Belgian Cycling is going to be looking for the successors to Thomas Lehnen and Eleanor Wiseman, the reigning Belgian virtual cycling champions in the elite category. Partner META, with its experience as an esports and gaming agency, is also contributing to the second edition of the championships, which will take place early in 2023 on the Wahoo RGT platform.

"Getting to grips with innovative concepts is part of the DNA of Flanders Classics", says CEO Tomas Van Den Spiegel. "The corona crisis has forced us to look at our sport differently and that is what we have done with our virtual Tour of Flanders. Because of those exceptional circumstances, virtual cycling has gained momentum and thus we are proud that, in addition to our own virtual eSeries, we are now able to play a part in the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships. We are looking forward immensely to crowning the new champions and at the same time setting out an accessible concept in which everyone can participate and with which we can develop the future of our sport."


How is it going to work?

Those who want to compete for the title of Belgian cycling esports champion can qualify for this at the regional championships on 20 January. On that date, participants from Flanders and Wallonia will ride together online in their regional championship and selection quota will determine which 10 riders advance to the national championship on 12 February. Just like last winter, the Belgian cycling esports champions in the U17, U19, U23 and elite categories will be crowned during an offline event. The Belgian Cycling Esports Championships will be hosted on the Wahoo RGT platform. Thanks to the support of Wahoo Fitness the Belgian champions will win on the most performing Wahoo KICKR available.

"We are delighted to be able to announce the second edition of the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships", says Nathalie Clauwaert, Managing Director of Belgian Cycling. "In recent years we have taken the time to build up our knowledge of virtual cycling and we are enthusiastic about supporting this young discipline further. With our sections Cycling Vlaanderen and Fédération Cycliste Wallonie-Bruxelles, and our strong partners such as Flanders Classics and META, we are confident that this event will reach the level that is expected of our championships."

Competition and fun

Both the novice and the experienced cyclist will be drawn to the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships. Those who do not feel like taking part in the competition itself can take part in one of the four fun rides that are organised between 23 October and 8 January. Each group ride is free, takes place on Sunday mornings and lasts for about an hour. A well-known name will take part in each ride, to whom participants will be able to ask questions via a chat. The programme for the 4 group rides looks like this:

23 Oct | Fun Ride #1 - Flanders 2022

27 Nov | Fun Ride #2 - Strade Sufferfest

11 Dec | Fun Ride #3 - Winter Camp

8 Jan | Fun Ride #4 - Mud Festival


Virtual cycling website

Moreover, starting next winter, Flanders Classics will be bundling together all of its esports activities on one online website: virtualcycling.cc. Besides information about the competitions and fun rides of the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships, all information about the third edition of the Proximus Cycling eSeries and news about virtual cycling will also appear on this website.

This season, the Proximus Cycling eSeries consists of 4 challenges and, for each of these, participants can indulge themselves for 10 days. There will be one challenge in each of the months October, November, December and February 2023. In the period 5 January to 9 February 2023, a virtual race is planned each week on Thursdays on one of the courses of the spring classics.

With this full programme of the Belgian Cycling Esports Championships and the Proximus Cycling eSeries, the winter promises a great deal of cycling fun, all of this from the comfort of your own home.

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