From the Kemmelberg, via De Ronde off-road and gravel paradise Limburg to Durbuy

From the Kemmelberg, via De Ronde off-road and gravel paradise Limburg to Durbuy

Gravel  05/05/2023

In this article, we gather together everything about the Flanders Gravel Series 2023. This series consists of four gravel events in which you will have a unique gravel experience on your predominantly unpaved courses at four fantastic locations: Kemmelberg, Koppenberg, Limburg and Durbuy. Including a little bit of competition thanks to some sections with time recordings. Read on quickly!

Gravelling is fun, but it is even more fun in the right atmosphere and with some nice extras included. That is exactly what Flanders Gravel has in store for you! Signposted routes and provisions along the way? Of course there are! Mechanical and medical assistance? Check and double check. Add to that a hot coffee at the start, a delicious lunch to regain your strength and a refreshing beer after your ride. Rest your legs by our campfire and take home your finisher shirt as a nice souvenir. Fancy camping? We’ve got you covered! Moreover, during our weekend events, you can enjoy a DIY ride on Friday and on Sunday morning we head out together one last time for a coffee ride. All these fun extras come on top of the routes from four unique locations.

Flanders Gravel Kemmelberg

We kick off the Flanders Gravel Series on Saturday 10 June with the first edition of Flanders Gravel Kemmelberg. From the picturesque Geelhand de Merksem site in Kemmel, we head towards the most beautiful gravel stretches in Heuvelland. You will not only be braving the unpaved Plugstreets and the steep cobblestones of the Kemmelberg. The many war monuments in Flanders Fields and the battle against the wind in the Westhoek complete your off-road Gent-Wevelgem experience.

Flanders Gravel Koppenberg

The weekend of 30 June to 2 July is all about Flanders Gravel Koppenberg. This year’s Gravel Classic is the third edition. The unique course takes you on some of the most iconic climbs in the Tour of Flanders via often lesser-known roads. The technical course offers you a unique mix of gravel, forest and cobblestones, but there’s more! For those who want to test their legs along the way, this year we have expanded our time recordings. With at least 30 km of timed sections for each distance (80, 120 or 160 km), you have an extra challenge to take on. After the finish, compare your time with that of your friends. Please note that Flanders Gravel Koppenberg is not a race; the course is not closed and it is therefore necessary to respect the traffic rules at all times.

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Flanders Gravel Limburg

On Saturday 5 August, it is the turn of Flanders Gravel Limburg. We leave from the backyard of the land commandery Alden Biesen in Bilzen. The third event of the Flanders Gravel Series is pure gravel. The course (65, 110 or 140 km) introduces you to Hoge Kempen National Park and the longer distances take you to the heart of Haspengouw. From the saddle you cycle through the fruit orchards and negotiate gravel and grit stretches in beautiful green surroundings. Limburg is known as a cycling paradise and also has a top offer in store for the gravel enthusiast. This could become your favourite ride on the Flanders Gravel Series calendar. For those looking for an extra challenge, we also provide sections that are timed.

Durbuy Gravel

On the weekend of 15, 16 and 17 September we conclude the gravel season with Durbuy Gravel. We head to the heart of the Ardennes and that means: climbing! The number of vertical metres? Between 1,000 and 3,000, depending on the distance you choose. Those longer climbs are worth it though, because you actually cycle from panorama to panorama. In the midst of the dark forests, you can also enjoy the silence. Just like the other events on the calendar, the Flanders Gravel Series finale is one that is one of a kind. We are certain that you should already mark this weekend in the Ardennes in your calendar.

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See you there!

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